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Erik Renkema

Windesheim University of Applied Science
Assistant Professor Worldview Education and Diversity
Dr. Erik Renkema (1972) (www.erikrenkema.nl) is Associate Professor in Worldview Education and Diversity in the Theology & Worldview research group of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. He is the coordinator of the Working Place for Worldview Education and Diversity. In that position, he connects teachers and students from different teacher-training programs to each other around themes of worldview education. In addition, he is a lecturer in Worldview Education at the Institute for Teacher Training Primary Education of Windesheim University.

He conducted a PhD research on the identity and worldview education of cooperation schools: schools that are the result of a merger between public and religious education.

He is committed to worldview education and a school identity in which both religious and public schools can identify.

In recent years Erik has gained a great deal of experience in teaching at teacher training courses for primary and secondary education. And in this education he takes practical examples from his time as a teacher at a primary school.
He focuses on questions that challenge the students at Windesheim University to look for ways of worldview education that fit their personal beliefs. In dialogue and by using challenging stories from several traditions, he asks students to look critically at their values and at the practice of worldview education that they are dealing with.